About us

About us

The product All Weather Tuft® was developed in 1996 by Gertjan Ruijl . Back then, the only existing form of soil conditioners were small sticks of wood. With the latter in mind, he started looking for other products that were more suited to work as an outdoor soil. Soon he realized, that the task he had put upon himself was not an easy one. He wanted his product to be suitable for use in all weather conditions, affordable and environmentally friendly. After the right material was found, the product was further intensively developed over a time span of two years. Various experts and factories were included in the development of this riding ground that aimed at providing a solution to the problems of many horse lovers.

Now, 20 years later, the All Weather Tuft concept has proven to be extremely successful. Over one thousand hippodromes have been equipped with All Weather Tuft® within the Netherlands. The horse sector has witnessed serious growth over the past years. While over 400.000 people are involved in the horse sector in the Netherlands today, sales figures in horse husbandry have increased from half a billion in 1991, to over 1,2 billion today. Within the horse world, there are over 6000 events yearly that all have to be well prepared and organized, and this only counts for the Netherlands. This shows that it is an absolute necessity to have a functioning riding facility, round pen, or horse walker, within the horse sector.

As the producer, All Weather Tuft is the riding ground’s only official supplier. Naturally, the customer comes first at All Weather Tuft. The company embodies the core values customer-friendliness, reliability, service and consultation, sustainability, environmental-friendliness, affordability and social responsibility. The company’s main goal is to equip its customers with a riding ground that is rideable at any time. Its main goal and core values make All Weather Tuft unique within the horse sector.

We always stand behind our products and services. High quality, an environmentally friendly product, an affordable price, user-friendliness and service are of top priority. All Weather Tuft follows the concept of a social company. We aim to stay as authentic as possible when in contact with our customers therefore, the personal contact is given a high priority at All Weather Tuft.
All Weather Tuft aims at keeping the promise of providing you with a riding ground, that is always rideable, today and in the future!

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Country resellers

Reseller Belgium
Mr. Ivan Peeters
De vrundenweg 2
3910 Neerpelt
T: +32 475 29 47 41
E: info@ivanpeeters.be

Reseller Denmark
Jemo Equine Distribution
Mr. Morten Torup
Holmevej 9
4622 Havdrup
T: +45 40 30 04 87
E: jemotrading@mail.dk

Reseller Germany
Mr. Gertjan Ruijl
Helmutstraße 4
40472 Düsseldorf
T: +49 215 19 63 90 51
E: info@reitplatz-boden.de

Reseller Italy
Mr. Federico Addarii
T: +39 338 65 43 107
E: fead79@gmail.com

Main office & reseller The Netherlands
All Weather Tuft CV
Benedenberg 120
2861 LJ Bergambacht
T: +31 654 63 13 20
E: info@allweathertuft.com

Reseller France

Les Chenevières 26

800 Ambonil

T: +33 475 55 39 23

F: +33 475 55 01 23

Reseller Estland, Letland & Litouwen

Baltic Equestrian Systems

Loreta Mikali?nienë

Vilniaus 54A

LT-19120 Širvintos

T: +370 699 83881

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