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AWT - all year riding arena has had a terrific year in Europe

We have sold AWT riding material in this country for 9 years and it actually goes really satisfying. The tracks are super good to ride on and with the fact that there is almost no maintenance, they are durable and tracks virtually no dust and is usable most of the year means that more and more people become aware of our riding ground material, says owner of Jemo Consult, Morten Torup the supplier in Denmark.
We have sold several more courses in 2016 than 2015 and 2014, so the business is growing, which in itself is highly satisfactory.
Our concept of providing material and advice means that you can use local suppliers and make it as cheap as possible. "It's no art to make things expensive - but I'd rather see that more people get the opportunity for a super good riding arena than that each order is large due to the fact that we   do all the work", explains Morten Torup, adding " this concept we drive across Europe "
Across Europe they have realized AWT material and its qualities, AWT manufacturer in Holland, this year has delivered to Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Denmark and Germany. Especially in Germany, sales exploded in 2016, so from being a small local market, Germany has become as significant customer area in just one year for AWT.
"I think the reason for the great success obviously has something with the product to do, but also the fact that our concept makes the price per square meter for a course significantly lower than our competitors," adds Morten Torup, adding that "AWT took over the production of material in 2015 and although the machine was larger, production has only just keep up. In January / February month the manufacturer will put a brand new production line up so we can better keep up with demand "
In addition AWT riding material we also sell materials for fiber arenas. We have here two fiber types, the renowned Geo Pad, but also as we use and recommend mainly "Grey Fibre". For these types of courses, we also offer great planners.
"This year we have had a tremendous lot of inquiries from horse owners wishing offers and advice and we know that it is a great investment for most people, so that actually can go 1-1½ years before taking the decision to go ahead, so we look forward to a busy 2017, "concludes Morten Torup from Jemo Consult.

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