For a successful engagement in equestrian sport, it is extremely important that you and your horse are able to train at any time. 

Both of our products, All Weather Tuft® and Hippotex®, therefore concentrate on the most crucial factor: a well performing riding ground surface. We are of the opinion that a well-functioning riding ground, rideable throughout the seasons, is highly important for every equestrian. Hippotex®, which has been on the market in the Benelux for more than 20 years, together with All Weather Tuft®, proof with over one thousand references, that the latter is achievable.

For your riding ground we offer you products that are functional, efficient and easy to take care of: the All Weather Tuft® and the Hippotex®.

The results generated by our products:
A riding surface that can be used for equestrian sport throughout the whole year.
Flood prevention.
Rideable even when frosty, due to permeable features.
Environmental friendliness.
All Weather Tuft products are wear-resistant and do not rot.
The products are stable, do not get blown away and therefore cause less dust.
They are affordable and utility increasing.
An addition of ten to twenty percent is only necessary after two to four years.
The products have flame-retardant properties.

Use the buttons below for access to more information about our products, but in general:
A ground that is stable, but often too wet: All Weather Tuft®.
A ground that is dry, yet too heavy: Hippotex®.

Feel free to get in contact with us in case of further questions.

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