Care & maintenance

Care and maintenance

A ground by All Weather Tuft is very easy to take care of. Optimally, the ground should be treated with a flat roller, in case of wet weather. Asking the local contractor to level the ground once a year, is an equally proficient option.

Contractor Services
We offer you the possibility of having your riding ground maintained and renewed. A local contractor, that we instruct, will renew the ground for a fixed price per day. The contractor has a crane, a tractor with laser-controlled flattener and a circular harrow at his command. Make sure to send us an email in order to receive a cost estimate.

Ground supplementation
We offer you the possibility of complementing your All Weather Tuft ground with additional bales. One bale weights around 350 kilograms and covers around 40 to 50 square meters.

Maintain it yourself
You can easily maintain your All Weather Tuft® by yourself. Regularly rake hoof prints and roll the riding ground from time to time. For this purpose we can deliver extendable drums. These are equipped with:

- Fillable drum
- Steel drum of 320 mm
- Robust frame with 3-point SNAP
- Complete with drawbar with ball coupling
- Blasted and 2-layer powder coating
- Solid construction and a neat finish

Available in the following widths:




1.25 m

96 l

320 mm

1.50 m

120 l

320 mm

1.75 m

144 l

320 mm

We also deliver arenaflatters. These are equipped with:

- Robust powder coated tubular frame
- Track Next head
- Adjustable teeth for the role
- Adjustable teeth behind the roller
- Three flat bars
- Large refillable roller
- If automatic right when lifting the flatter

Available in working widths:
1.40 m
1.70 m
2.20 m

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