What is Hippotex®?
Hippotex® is an additional, rotproof surface cover, for new and already existing riding grounds. The product then has to be added onto consisting sandy soil, creating a stable and low-maintenance riding ground surface. Hippotex® consists of fine shreds with fibers (approximately two times four centimeters) and is environmentally friendly. 

Like All Weather Tuft®, Hippotex® consists of fine shreds. The difference is the mat consisting of fibers that is being shredded into the final product. Hippotex® ensures a quickly stabilizing tread layer with many advantages for hard soils, and has proven to have a disburdening effect on the horse. 

The difference between All Weather Tuft® and Hippotex®:
Hippotex® does a better job in stabilizing a heavy ground than All Weather Tuft®;
All Weather Tuft® has a better effect on ground that is too wet;
All Weather Tuft® does not wear out as much as Hippotex®;
All Weather Tuft® has a hard bottom side, consisting of polypropylene and foam parts;
Hippotex® has a soft bottom side and is free of foam parts.

The advantages that come with Hippotex®:
Optimal stabilization of the tread layer, even under intensive use.
The ground stays wet for a longer period of time, when irrigated during the summer.
Easily adaptable to new soils, or soils with drainage possibilities.
An affordable solution.

Hippotex® is being used in equestrian sport arenas and offers an excellent (cheaper) alternative to Geopad and Polyfibers. 

How to apply Hippotex®?
Hippotex® has to be added as a top layer onto a sandy subsurface, with at least 15 to 20 centimeters of sand in height. First level off the riding ground, to then add Hippotex® and distribute it evenly. Afterwards, if desired, solidify it with a rotary harrow. In case the ground is wet, we advise you to combine your Hippotex® with a drainage system. Just like All Weather Tuft®, Hippotex® can be used on a gravelly soil, without a subsurface of sand.

How is Hippotex® being delivered? 
Hippotex® is being delivered in bales of 300 - 330 kilograms, with two bales on one pallet. 

Amounts required:

20 x 40 riding ground:

In case of a solid ground 16 to 20 bales (1 per 40 to 50 m)

In case of a soft ground: 24 to 30 bales (1 per 30 to 40 m²)

In case of a rocky surface without sand: 32 bales (1 pro 25 m²)

20 x 60 riding ground:

In case of a solid ground: 24 to 30 bales (1 pro 40 to 50 m²)

In case of a soft ground: 30 to 36 bales (1 per 30 to 40 m²)

In case of a rocky surface without sand 48 bales (1 pro 25 m²)

Contact us for made-to-order consultation.

Hippotex® WhitefiberMix

In the more luxurious version with a whiter look, we have developed the Hippotex® WhitefiberMix (which consists of 85% Hippotex® mixed with 15% Geo Whitefiber) and supplied in bales weighing around 270 kg.

Required: 3 - 4 kg per m²

20 x 40 containers: 2400 - 3200 kg (9 - 12 bales). Depending on the gravity of the soil.

How much does the Hippotex® WhitefiberMix cost?

The Hippotex® Whitefiber mixture costs € 295,- per bale of about 270 kg (plus 21% VAT and transport).

All Weather Tuft® and Hippotex® are being delivered with the ENVIRONMENT certificate, for inter-European use.

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