Horse walker & Round pen

Horse walker and round pen

Horse walker
All Weather Tuft® is often being used as a ground for horse walkers. A horse walker’s persistent accessibility represents a big problem for many horse lovers, since the walker remains the only option in case of bad weather, especially frost. Further, in the walker, the horses continuously walk along the same narrow line, which can cause deep furrows in the ground. In addition, bricks cause horseshoes to wear out extremely fast and further increase the chance of slipping. All Weather Tuft® makes every horse walker accessible and useful for a long time, and only has to be replaced once the walker contains too much horse manure. For horse walkers, as well as round pens, we have developed bales of 350 kilograms. A walker of 12 to 15 meters usually requires three bales, while a walker of 18 to 20 meters requires four.

Round pen
All Weather Tuft® or Hippotex® are often being used in a round pen. A round pen that is equipped with All Weather Tuft® needs way less maintenance than a round pen with regular sandy ground. The product ensures that the round pen can always be used, even during bad weather. For optimal results, a subsurface of sand should be present.
For round pens we have developed bales of approximately 350 kilograms. A round pen of 12 meters requires four bales on average, while a circle of 15 meters requires six bales. Our advise:
Ground stable, yet often too wet: All Weather Tuft®.
Ground dry, yet too heavy: All Weather Tex®. 

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